About Us

WINS1 began as a place to gather all of the concepts and ideologies of technology and translate them into the vernacular of the layman, so that  companies and individuals could learn to apply preventative strategies to their virtual worlds.

Started by someone who had formerly been a Paralegal and an Administrative Assistant for over two decades and who had not only become quite adept at using the various technologies of her industry; thereby, gaining considerable knowledge about the inner-workings of computer systems, but who had frequently become a point person when new iterations of software were rolled out within the organizations where she happened to be working at the time.

These experiences and newfound knowledge coupled with her paralegal education led her to an awareness of the importance and gravity of information security and protection, which in turn, led to the desire to share and spread this knowledge with others- both consumers and businesses. Her goal is to save business owners from the catastrophes associated with cyber intrusions and cybercrime- hence she is committed to spreading the word about preventative strategies and security control measures.


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