Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy- according to some estimates- $113 billion dollars. Is it any wonder then that cyber threats and intrusions continue to rise. Today’s headlines scream Data breaches, Identity thefts, Malware, Intrusions. Seems daily there is news of another website take-down and we begin to wonder about your own systems.  Are you vulnerable? If you are using a computer in your business and if you have a network then- yes you are.

Technology, the tool bringing businesses the greatest opportunities and infinite reaches, paradoxically brings with it the greatest threats, especially to that businesses’ operations: malware of all varieties, breaches and other network disruptions have a devastating effect on businesses- not only resulting in untold financial loss due to information theft and fraud, but also because it erodes that sense of trust that communities place in organizations.

Maintaining the safety and integrity of data is the greatest challenge that business may face and finding someone to assist in that effort can be equally challenging, but here at WINS1, we are available to assist you whether it is simply with a question about the integrity of your network, or when you need defense. we are your ‟Virtual Responders”.  Our team of analysts, administrators, and engineers are the first on the scene, if you will,  ready to help you fortify your network against  intrusions and other threats.


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